About Us

Founded in 2007, SNDK Corp brings the global perspective and deep industry experience; fuelling the transformation of operations and business models. Our values are at the heart of our business reputation and are essential to our continued success.

At Sndk Corp you can have confidence that we will have the job done right the first time around. We are proud of our ability to guide, conceptualize, architect and implement new and expanded capabilities, provide expertise to our clients at every stage of their product lifecycle.

Our vision is to constantly grow as a professional IT Solutions company and uncover innovation opportunities and new revenue Streams with smart products and processes.

Our mission is to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction via the new form of digital experience. We strive to attain individual and team excellence through a spirit of continuous learning, analyzing data, new innovations and deliver highly engineered technical solutions.

Our mission is to provide top notch quality services that make a difference to customers. At Sndk Corp, quality is understanding not just what the customer wants but truly understanding their re-quirement and working closely to ensure that our methodology works to achieve their outcomes.

Our Technologies

Microsoft .Net
Amazon Aws Cloud
Google Cloud
Android Ios