Our Clients

Company: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP GUJARAT)

Website : www.bjp.org Country : INDIA

Company Name : DeepFoods Inc

Website : www.deepfoods.com Country : USA
Data center in NJ, and there was no DR site and risk of a centralized server for all the locations around the globe.

Solution :
We migrated all their servers to amazon EC2 which helped them in three different aspects

  • Infrastructure Cost and Maintainance
  • Getting more employees to maintain their data center. Now we offer them 24x7 monitoring of their Servers and services
  • Upgrade of infrastructure is in minutes instead of days and months of planning.
  • Backup and snapshot of the server are taken by minutes and hrs.

Benefits :
Saved client $ and time

Company Name : DeepFoods Inc

Website : www.tasktower.com Country : USA
Client has very robust and fast growing website for unified communication tool.

Fast growing and robust unified communication tool was slowing down due to infrastructure requirements

Solution :
We migrated all their servers to amazon EC2 with other services like Lambda, API Gateway, CDN & Elastic search.

Benefits :
Saved client $ and time and hardware cost and improve the speed of the website.

Company Name : Indikitch

Website : www.indikitch.com Country : USA
Hosted their PBX on cloud
They had PBX system on each site. Hardware maintenance and service cost

Solution :
We helped them to install PBX system on the AmazonAWS with SIP service.

Benefits :
Centralized Phone system, which will never go down. Even if the onsite internet goes down it will call forward to their local manager's cell phone. Also it uses line from pool of Services saving them $ and time to install every new location as well as maintenance.

Company Name : Chetak Distribution

Website : www.chetaknewyork.com Country : USA
Cisco Router and Distribution
They are food distribution company with 9 locations around globe. thye are all connected via VPN and each site has 2 ISP leaving the configuration complex and convoluted. Also routing was done via NewYork site leaving distant sites to have heavy latency

Solution :
With our Cisco Experts we hosted centralized routers CRV1000 on Amazon AWS and configured DMVPN for each site making part of MESH topology making communication easy and configuration simple easy to understand

Company Name : Deepkiran Foods Pvt Ltd

Website : www.deepkiran.com Country : INDIA
IOT on cloud
They have 100s of manufacturing machines and preventive maintenance is an issue.

Solution :
With our IOT Experts we helped them to put various sensors on their machines and they all are connected to the central server on AmazonAWS giving them live data and various parameters of each machine.

Company Name : Deep Canada LLC

Website : www.deepcanada.ca Country : CANADA
Video Conferencing
They needed a solution to communicate with their HQ in NJ via video conference. But without spending big bucks.

Solution :
We configured SIP-based video Conference on AmazonAWS which can communicate with most of the Video Conf devices like LifeSize and Polycom. This saved client money by only paying what they use.

Company Name : Chetak Melbourne

Website : www.chetakmelbourne.com Country : AUSTRALIA
Device Monitoring and Bandwith Utilization.
Client has more than 100 Computer with Multiple sites Routers and switches. Conventional solutions were expensive and time-consuming.

Solution :
We helped client install Cacti Weather Map which gave them the live flow of their network and bandwidth and network utilization of each device which helped them understand the network bog downs and flooding.

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