IOT (Internet Of Things)
We at SNDK Corp are experts in providing Linux-based IT & Network solutions for small, medium and corporate-scale businesses. We are a dedicated team, available to implement complete IT solutions with consulting, planning and system architecture design. There are many advantages to using Linux, including, ability to customize, scope of a powerful OS, cost effectiveness, powerful, scalable OS and stability; making it an excellent choice for Internet and Intranet SME and Enterprise servers. It can handle heavy loads of E-mails, browsing, database, applications, etc.

Industrial Automation Solutions
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Workflow Automation
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Cyber-security
  • Functional Safety
  • Mobility
  • Video Monitoring
  • Device Monitoring and Management
  • Network Monitoring
  • Asset Management
  • Managed Services
Office / Home Automation Solutions
  • OTT
  • IPTV
  • Multiscreen
  • Video Analytics
  • Video Recommendation Engine
  • Unified Communication: VoIP, Video Conferencing, Cloud Collaboration
  • Video Surveillance
  • RF to IP Video Switch
  • Middleware and Applications to Provide Audio/Video and Connectivity (ZigBee, NFC, BT, WiFi, GPS, GSM/GPRS) Modules
  • Video Recording
  • Video Content Aggregator and Delivery Platform
  • IP Camera Streaming Over Internet
  • Digital Right Management: Microsoft WMDRM, Verimatrix etc.
  • Multimedia Codec Development/Optimization
  • Streaming Solutions (Data/Audio/Video streaming over wired/wireless networks)
  • Embedded Systems/Device Drivers/Embedded GUI
  • Home Networking / Home Gateways (Products and Solutions)
Microsoft .Net
Amazon Aws Cloud
Google Cloud
Android Ios